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Talking with my evangelical friends

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Talking with my evangelical friends, by José Miguel Arráiz (Createspace)

Talking with my evangelical friends, by José Miguel Arráiz (Amazon)

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Talking with my evangelical friends, by José Miguel Arráiz (Amazon Kindle)


Talking with my evangelical friends: If I have noticed anything during the time that I've spoken with my evangelical brothers of different denominations, it's that the vast majority has an inaccurate, distorted and even wrong knowledge about our faith. . Usually this happens very often and what they believe is that the Catholic doctrine is quite different from what the Church teaches in reality. This usually happens not only among those who were born into a Protestant family, but also among people who defined themselves as Catholic but who left the Catholic Church to join one of these Christian denominations.

I am convinced that there are more things that unite us than things that divide us, and I also have a deep respect for all those Christians who honestly profess their faith, even though we may disagree in many points of the doctrine. I recognize as true Christians those who profess with us a Trinitarian faith and I embrace them with respect and brotherly love.

This book pretends to put its grain of sand so our evangelical brothers who want to really know what we Catholics believe can do so, not by listening to what others say, but by ourselves. It is also addressed to my Catholic brothers, because many of them have the desire to learn more about our faith and acquire tools to share.